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A Koppens fryer allows a wide range of products to be fried continuously to a constant quality standard. While the capacity is dependent on the belt width and belt length, various widths and lengths of conveyors are available and there is also a choice of actual frying length depending on the individual product.

Koppens commercial/industrial continuous fryers can be heated by thermal oil, gas or electrically heated, the choice of which may be determined by the existing facilities available with the food processing factory.


Rebuilt control panel for Koppens Fryer BR3000-400

A Teflon coated in feed on a Koppens fryer is best suited to battered products while a separate infeed conveyor can be supplied for breaded products.

Boyd Food Machinery stock a varied selection of used and reconditioned Koppens fryers including Superfry, as well as second hand machines which can be rebuilt to your specification with new control panel, canopy hoist, oil holding tank, hot oil pump etc.

In addition the Koppens fryer can be equipped with a sediment removal system, oil filtration and oil storage system as well a CO2 fire suppression safety feature or an electric canopy hoist.

Refurbished Koppens BR 3000-600 Fryer


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